Splashup 2010 Review

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For its feature palette and toolset, Splashup is among the best online image editing programs available. But, for its high-bandwidth consumptive, Flash-heavy programming, it is among the worst. Nevertheless, despite its operational flaws, Splashup is a capable tool and an arguable replacement for equally stodgy software-based programs.

Editing Features

In addition to a customizable interface with movable windows, Splashup offers a paint palette complete with traditional tools like paint bucket, magic wand, dropper, freehand crop, move, extract, pencil, paintbrush, erase and others. Really, Splashup’s paint features are its greatest strength aside from its customizable interface.
Though Splashup has a dozen or so filters and effects to choose from, their results are hardly as precise as simple level controls, which offer scrollbar functionality, allowing users to make precise changes.


Like many other online image editing programs, Splashup integrates with several popular photosharing and social networking sites, including Facebook, flickr, MySpace and others, allowing users to instantly upload, edit and save photos hosted on other sites without having to have it saved to a computer, though, Splashup can also upload photos saved to one’s computer. Photos must be saved to be printed off a personal printer or personally uploaded to an online photo printing or photobook service. Splashup isn’t affiliate with a photo printing service, nor does it offer any printing services itself.

Ease of Use

Splashup isn’t as user friendly as sites like Picnik and its black backdrop can make moving tool windows difficult. But, that aside, the image editing process, from start to finish, is a straightforward, intuitive one that used tools familiar to users on most browsers and operating systems.


When it comes to technical and knowledge resources, Splashup is found wanting. It does offer a contact portal to report bugs and another portal to request additional features, but, as of this review there are no how-to guides, FAQ sections, knowledgebases or other resources to help users understand and better use the tools beyond the initial site tour.


Splashup occupies a position center-right on the online image editing program bell-curve. Its prominent editing tools and features are progressive, advanced and are likely to remain capable for several years to come. Unfortunately, many of the backend site features, including help, support and even community and gallery functions have largely been forgotten. It is likely that, with a few key improvements to resources, technical support and the development of a community, gallery or photo printing service or affiliation, Splashup will be at the top of the online image editing program heap.